Alan Smith
Elm street alan smith
Alan Smith


High School Principal



Alan Smith is a character in the 2010 remake.


Alan Smith is the father of Quentin Smith, and a counselor of some sort working at the local school.

Alan is the second person who Nancy and Quentin ask about Freddy Krueger. When confronted by Nancy and Quentin, he confirms most of what Nancy's mother told them earlier; that they all knew each other from Badham Preschool and that Fred Krueger worked there as a gardner. Freddy had abused the preschool children in his "secret cave", a secret room in the basement of the preschool. This made the parents seek revenge by chasing Freddy down into an industrial park, where they cornered him in a building which they set on fire, killing him.

Alan and the others covered up their crime to avoid going to prison and make sure that Freddy never existed.

He doesn't believe that Freddy Krueger is back and killing people in their dreams.