Dream Warriors
Dream warriors
Dream Warriors



Nightmare Fighters
Springwood Youths
Elm Street Inhabitants
Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital
Springwood High School Students

Patricia Arquette
Rodney Eastman
Jennifer Rubin
Ken Sagoes
Ira Heiden
Lisa Wilcox
Andras Jones
Danny Hassel
Tuesday Knight
Toy Newkirk
Brooke Theiss
Kelly Jo Minter
Erika Anderson
Joe Seely
Shon Greenblatt

Dream Warriors are the collection of Springwood Elm Street children who possess great metapsychical nightmare strength each with their own unique ability. This power only came from the 80's Freddy Krueger elimination and only henceforth continued with the help of Alice Johnson.

Member Deaths


  • Kristen Parker - Pulling other people (and animals, noted by Kincaid's dog, Jason) in and out dreams and gymnastic like agility.
  • Roland Kincaid - Super human strength.
  • Joey Crusel - Super sonic scream.
  • Will Stanton - Can walk in his dreams and has magical abilities based off his favorite Tabletop RPG, The Wizard Master.
  • Nancy Thompson - Never exhibited a dream power(s).
  • Taryn White - Enhanced confidence, beauty, and toughness also expert at using switchblades, and her clothes change into 80 punk rocker.
  • Alice Johnson - Alice was the Dream Master, or the guardian of the positive gate, the gateway to good dreams. And as such, she had the power (and responsibility) to guard the sleeper whilst they dreamed. And as such, Alice had the unique ability to absorb the dream powers of Freddy's most recent victims. She also absorb Kristen's power pulling people into dreams, and gymnastics like agility, Rick's power of karate mastery and Sheila's power of technology and Debbie toughness.
  • Mark Gray - The ability to morph into his comic book character, The Phantom Prowler.  
  • Rick Johnson - Karate mastery


When Freddy killed and absorbs the souls of Mark, Joey, Kristen (though parts of both her dream powers went to Alice too), Will, Rick, Kincaid and Taryn (Not Nancy because she didn't have one or any despite being founder and leader of the team), he gets their dream powers but doesn't use some of them.