Freddy's Nightmares
Season 2, Episode 44: Series Finale
Air date March 12, 1990
Written by Jonathon Glassner
David Braff
Directed by Tom De Simone
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After Mara Ruleen a fake psychic goes into a trance, Freddy Krueger (Freddy's Nightmares Timeline) possesses her body and starts killing people. Later her friend Berry Dean tries to exorcise Freddy out of her, but ends up being possessed himself.

In the second story, Freddy crashes his class reunion to seek revenge on Denise Charlotte who stood him up at the prom. He ends up killing the whole class and Larry Delson who tries to write a screenplay about him. Only person left to live is his former friend Howard Nehamkin, who takes the script and takes it to Hollywood.



  • Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger (Freddy's Nightmares Timeline)
  • Gwen Banta as Mara Ruleen
  • Francois Giroday as Larry Delson
  • Greg Monaghan as Berry Dean
  • Barbara Treutelaar as Denise Charlotte
  • Nicholas Shaffer as Howard Nehamkin


  • Jonathon Glassner
  • David Braff
  • Tom De Simone
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