Loretta Krueger
Loretta Krueger
Loretta Krueger



Freddy Krueger (husband)

Maggie Burroughs (daughter)

One of the Maniacs (father-in-law)
Amanda Krueger (mother-in-law;deceased)

Mr. Underwood (adopted father-in-law;deceased)



Loretta Krueger was a character who was seen in Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (film) and Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (book adaptation by Bob Italia). She was Freddy Krueger's wife.

Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (film)

Not much is really known about Loretta's past life in Springwood, Ohio or her relationship with Freddy before he became a killer.

It was assumed that Loretta was in high school when she first met the would-be-killer Freddy, who was a high school dropout and worked as a janitor.

Loretta, unlike the rest of the town, apparently saw something good in Freddy, which made her fall in love with him and it got Freddy to love her back.

It appeared back then that Freddy was trying so hard to be normal for Loretta and their child, Kathryn. But Freddy couldn't stop his murderous nature forever, as he soon had a "special room" made.

Loretta did appear to love her husband and adore her child. After she discovered a room in the basement full of bladed gloves, other weapons, and a scrapbook of newspaper articles about children murdered in the area, Loretta came to the conclusion that Freddy, her darling husband, was the "Springwood Slasher", a sadistic murderer who abducted and killed children in the area, and used one of the bladed gloves that she found in the basement.

Even after Loretta promised that she wouldn't tell about his murders, Freddy strangled her to death anyway, and did not realize that his 6-year-old daughter, Kathryn, was watching.

It's really unknown if Freddy did truly love Loretta, but whatever love that he had, it quickly left him when he killed her.

Later, after Loretta's death, Freddy was caught and Kathryn was adopted and moved away from Springwood, and had her name changed to Maggie Burroughs.

Her mother's death, as well as the deaths of the teens, drove Maggie to defeat her father.

Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (book adaptation by Bob Italia)

It is stated that she "disappeared" in 1967.


  • She was the first heroine to be married to the main antagonist before Tiffany (from Bride of Chucky) to be married to Chucky even though Tiffany is the second antagonist and later anti-villain.
  • She was the first and only wife of Freddy Krueger.


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