This page lists differences between the 1984 original A Nightmare on Elm Street and the 2010 remake.



  • It is never stated in the 2010 reboot that Freddy Krueger was a child murderer, or a murderer, period, before he was burned to death, though a lot of his background is never given. However, it is stated that he was a pedophile and child molester with sexual attractions to the Nancy and her friends of the remake. (NOTE: It is strongly implied at times in the original film series that he was a pedophile and child molester, as well.)
  • There are two more Elm Street children than originally now being Dean Russell and Marcus Yeon.
  • The film features a blogging nightmare capturing computer technology.
  • Nancy's mother's demise was not the fiery suffocation of the original nor the jump sequence pull in through the 1428 house front door, but rather a stab through the head with the knives on Freddy's glove.
  • Kris Fowles (the character equivalent of Tina Grey) dreams not of a long armed Freddy pursuing her from her house street and pulling her back into the trash cans. Freddy kills her dog Rufus. Kris supposedly awakes thinking the nightmare is over only upon getting back to bed to find Freddy lying beside her.
  • The bathtub sequence having Nancy pulled through a water hole into a deep water is excluded in exchange of the glove just appearing and leaving upon hearing Nancy's mother's voice.
  • The group were former victims of Freddy's molestation and all attended the same pre-school.
  • Nancy has employment.
  • The Springwood Diner is introduced.
  • There's a dream flashback sequence showing the burning of Freddy which was never shown until the sixth installment of the original series.