Terrance 'Terry' Feinstein is a supporting character in Wes Craven's New Nightmare that is part of the crew set. He works with Chuck, Chase Porter, and Wes Craven.

He is the 2nd person to die in this movie's killing spree.


Not much is known abouut Terry. He works on the crew set with Chuck, Chase, and Wes Craven of the film that he is making.

Wes Craven's New Nightmare

Terry is first seen to be producing the movie in Heather Langenkamp Porter's dream. He then goes over to Freddy's new glove to talk to his friends.


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Freddy's glove getting ready to attack Terry

While Terry is talking to his friends, Freddy's glove comes alive and impales Chuck's neck. It then attacks Terry and impales his chest. After Terry dies, the glove goes for Chase, but Heather wakes up before he gets killed. Chuck and Terry are then confirmed to be dead.


His Death Was Dull Machete In Dead Meat Kill Count

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